Wildside Volunteers carry out a range of environmental conservation work in their own time to help improve the local environment. Examples of our work can be found in here.

Involving Wildside Volunteers with one of your projects brings several advantages. As well as gaining an experienced, willing and able work-force at a cost-effective price, you will also be supporting a local charity. By using our DBS-cleared group of volunteers – with its own tools, insurance and supervision – you will also be able to provide evidence of community involvement in your project (a common requirement for many forms of funding) without the time, expense and hassle of recruiting, checking, training, equipping, insuring and leading your own team.


Health & Safety

Wildside Volunteers are an independent, long-established group which has insurance to cover its activities. Details of insurance cover are available from Wildside Activity Centre, as are relevant Risk Assessments. First Aid cover is always provided, as is supervision to ensure that all tools are used safely.


Child Protection

Wildside Activity Centre works in line with Wolverhampton City Council’s Child Protection Policy, and our staff are trained to comply with this. Although volunteers are not generally expected to work with children, they may come into contact with them during their time at the Centre or when working on school sites. For this reason, we require that volunteers undergo a check through the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) before starting with the group.


Environmental Issues

Wildside Activity Centre works in accordance with its own Environmental Policy. To further this aim, we actively promote sustainability issues.


How To Book Wildside Volunteers

Anyone wishing to discuss their project, or wanting to book Wildside Volunteers, should contact our Conservation Project Leader in the first instance (contact details are below). Where appropriate, we will arrange a meeting on site, prepare plans and submit proposals and quotations.

Although the volunteers themselves donate their time and efforts, staff involvement is required to provide supervision, training and First Aid cover. We also need to cover the costs of insurance and transport as well as the purchase, maintenance and storage of tools and materials, along with various other costs. For these reasons, a charge is made for the work of Wildside Volunteers. However, this charge is usually well below commercial rates, and volunteer involvement often helps to meet funding criteria (such as community involvement).



“…Wildside Volunteers worked quickly and efficiently and carefully.”

“The children at Woodfield have been very fortunate to have our woodland path developed by the Wildside Volunteers……Many thanks for all of your hard work. It is very much appreciated.”

“We were impressed with each aspect of the work”

“Keep up the good work, Wolverhampton needs you!”

“….definitely a worthwhile experience”


Other Activities

Wildside Activity Centre runs a wide variety of other activities which are available to book. These include Adventurous Activities, Canal Activities and Environmental Education. Please get in touch for more information, or check our website:


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