The Wildside Volunteers undertake a range of practical environmental projects in and around Wolverhampton.
These projects are many and varied and may be broken down into four broad groups:


* Habitat Creation
This includes pond and bog creation, otter holt construction, planting at local sites including nature reserves and schools.

* Habitat Management
We undertake various wetland management projects (including pond, bog, stream and canal), woodland and copse work such as coppicing, tree care and control of invasive plants, hedgelaying, heathland and wildflower meadow and nature reserve management.

* Construction
Projects such as wildfowl nesting rafts, bird boxes and tables, pole lathes and shaving horses, wattle hurdles, path laying, step and ramp building, fencing, benches, a willow arbour, and a community compost station.

We also plan occasional day trips, have a go at woodland crafts (wood turning, wind chimes, besoms, musical instruments, etc.) and all sorts of other worthwhile, fun and interesting things!

This is just a brief overview of some of the things that we get up to - if you are interested in joining in and having a go, then please come along and give it a try or get in touch for more details.


 Fencing  Bird Hides










   Ramps and Steps